A greater portion of the contents on this page are original, meaning that they were provided exclusively for this site by Virtual Alien and/or the copyright holders in the case of articles, photos, etc. In the instances where material was acquired from a source other than the copyright holder, Virtual Alien has provided credit and a link back to the contributer's web site, if one exists. If you have a Virtual Alien website and are interested in using any of this website contents on your page, please read below.


What material may be used ONLY with permission: Any contents that Virtual Alien and his representative GEM have copyright on or any exclusive contributers have copyright on. This includes: Essays, news bulletins (on the NEWS page), and live concert reports, fan encounters, etc. Any text on Virtual Alien that is not noted as coming from a publication such as a magazine or newspaper is written by us or contributed exclusively to us. HTML code Unless stated otherwise, (all exceptions to this rule were done through the permission of the copyright holders) all text on this site was HTML encoded by the Virtual Alien's staff and is under copyright by us. This means that although we may not own the rights to the printed source, the HTML code is copyrighted and may NOT be mirrored or copied onto another site. If you're not prepared to ask permission to use an article listed on the Virtual Alien website, your only option is to find the ORIGINAL printed source of each item and type/encode it yourself. Page design This includes layout, frame design, etc. What you may not do, permission or otherwise: Put your own copyright notice on any material originally appearing on the Virtual Alien website. Includes images, Real files, mp3s, text, and everything else! As in the case of text, digitized material such as sound and video files are copyrighted by the encoder in their electronic form, and permission is required to use them on another site. Images have in most cases been touched up with Adobe Photoshop or some other imaging program, and the Virtual Alien website holds the copyright on their retouched form. If you're not prepared to ask permission to use any of these items, your only option is to find the original sources (CDs, tapes, magazines, etc) and digitize them yourself. Link any part of the Virtual Alien's website inside a frame Use this code to hop pages out of frames: inside the A HREF="url" link code put A HREF="url" target="_top". Link from your Virtual Alien's page to any binary files on this site That means, you can not link to any files except the HTML ones. Linking to images (.jpg, .gif...) audio (.ra, wav, mp3...) video (.mpg, .rm, .avi...) and zipped files (.zip) causes bandwidth problems and will not be tolerated. If you wish to use anything in the above formats, contact the site.

What material you CAN use.

Article text Unless stated that the material is exclusive to the Virtual Alien's site, we do not have copyright to the actual text from printed sources of course, but remember you can't copy the HTML code! Also, it would be appreciated if you gave credit for used articles/pics to acknowledge the work that goes into typing / scanning articles! Images You may use a FEW images from the archive to add to your own Virtual Alien's site But you can NOT copy an entire section, or the entire archive! And please give some credit and link to the Virtual Alien's website. You may link to any subsection HTML page on the site long as you clearly state that the page belongs to Virtual Alien directly ON THE LINK ...and remember not to link the page inside a frame.

Other Info

When using other material contributed exclusively to the Virtual Alien's website by someone, please credit both the original contributer as well as the site. We can not give you permission to use other people's material. Revised March, 1, 2023.

If you have any questions about this copyright policy, please contact us at

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