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The Idiots .
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Release date: 1 December 2022.
Ep 1: 46 minutes.


The Idiots is a series of podcasts / films on how a situation is being driven or allowed to continue. A alternative historical time travel of Britain.

What links of the chapters / stories togetehr: A alternative historical time travel of Britain. Two protagonists embark on a historical journey in the streets of London trying to understand the alleged mistakes of history that lead to the alleged mistakes of the present history. Understanding history is understanding the future. History always repeats itself.

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1. The first part is a tale about the making of an infamous BBC TV programme: Maggie's Militant Tendency by Roger Bolton, Peter Ibbtson and James Hogan. The subject matter for this documentary is about the alleged infiltration of neo-Nazis inside the Conservative party back in 1984. The Tory party took offence and took the BBC to the High Court. The BBC changed its mind at the last minute, refused to endorse the documentary and subsequently lost in the High Court. A very British situation.

2. The story has been retold by one of his makers, James Hogan.

3. I have met the alleged neo-Nazis infiltrators and despite being married with a wife, they were too busy trying to hit on me. Yes, I have found their views aberrant but they wouldn't have lasted long in Hitter's Nazi world.

4. On Ep1 S1: a) Were the Idiots, the BBC, after allowing the programme to take place and allow its broadcast? Or for changing their mind at the last minute in the High Court?

b) Were the Idiots, the members of the Conservative party, to allow far right movements within their own party?

c) Was the Idiot the judge for not noticing that there was a problem?

d) Were the Idiots, the makers of the BBC Panorama programme?

e) Were the Idiots the producers of The Idiots for retelling the story?

f) The story / the documentary did happen and perhaps not so eloquently portrayed in the BBC Panorama programme. It might have been better received and accepted if the documentary had been merely asking a question: what if?

g) Political parties infiltration happens all the time, whether it is by far right / left groups, private lobbies, religious sects and foreign governments. The British parliament and government isn't a multi-party system; there is no proportional representation. It is a two party oligarchy like in most countries.

The film has been divided into 25 chapters representing different dates in the history of the United Kingdom.

Actors and Characters

James Hogan, himself


Written and Directed by Nick Peterson

Produced by Tom Norwood

Produced by Alex Altman

Produced by David Altman

Produced by Christine Peterson

Executive Producer: Nicolas Gaud

Edited by Thomas Black

Animation Aloysha Black

Executive Producers: Nicolas Mamin

Music by Virtual Alien and Old Nick

Published by Mnemonics Music America and Rumblefish..


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