Documentary feature: DM: Dark Matter.

DM: Dark Matter.2023.

Censored DM: Dark Matter poster

UPC: 815651025018

Studio: EdgeImageBank Pictures

Duration: 200 minutes and short version of 72 minutes.

DM: This is Dark Matter, the documentary feature film has been released in November 2022 in 10 chapeters plus the opening and end credits in order to raise awareness and reach out in order to achieve some theatrical release. By September 2023 it the film will be released in one piece and made available for download.

The poster for the film, cover of the book and album displayed -as nature intended- had to be toned down because some people in the industry panicked. The project started in 2020. The feature film has subtitles available in nearly all the languages on Earth including Latin. We are working at a webpage -in crawling down mode- for January 2023 with all the books, albums, references and film downloads and cinemas.

Dark matter shapes up over 80% of the universe and is pure energy. This is the part of the universe that can't be seen and it appears all black and cannot be scanned with conventional instruments. Dark matter is anti-matter, the opposite of what humans can see on Earth and comprehend as being normal and defies the laws of quantum physics.

The story about "dark matter" draws an analogy with other earthling creatures, the oldest ones like trees and jellyfishes (some species can live for thousands of years) both have been alleged to have a memory and some species of jellyfishes have a high level of intelligence. Jellyfishes can become invisible and undetectable, just like dark matter and often the same instruments are needed to locate dark matter are used in the purpose of piercing through this invisibility.

Subject Matter
The subject of "dark matter" is an extreme one as it deals with all the extremes and defies conventional logic and rational behavior. To further demonstrate this point, the whole story is introduced by a mad British scientist or appears to be this way, arguing about dark matter by contrasting his defense in introducing the history of extremism in Britain, extremism of all kinds.

The story is set in a near future, during a serious of lectures where a scientist analyses the various lock downs imposed on Britain - rightly or wrongly imposed- its extreme consequences and a situation that defies logic and therefore is defined as "dark matter": a yet unknown quantity.

Reception, Deception and Controversy
The film ruffled a few feathers. The film needed to be certificated by the Bfi -British Film Institute a quango of the British government. As the film overwhelmed them, not able to comprehend the content, it needed an audit -very rare these days- and a lawyer's report -extremely rare-. After a few months the certification went nowhere and I complained but like all complaints in England it went nowhere. The next thing was: the head of the complaint, as a source of authority, removed the film on IMDb and its parent company Amazon. So now the application cannot be complained about because the film doesn't exist -according to this person-. Never mind that 16 people worked on it.

The story is driven and narrated by a mad scientist referring to many of the extremes in life that the human brain cannot comprehend. The voice of the mad scientist is distorted and echoed rendering his narration often too impossible to comprehend. Viewers are advised to use subtitles to understand but it isn't necessary. Understanding the extremes is dangerous but so far-fetched that it becomes comical.

DM: Dark Matter TRIVIA
An analogy to what we don't understand: 1) Control 2) Death 3) Reproduction and Love making 4) Terrorism

Actors and Characters

Old Nick ... Dr Kelvin: A Chief Medical Advisor code-named Gone with the Wind

John Waterhouse ... DM 1

Janet Priest ... DM 2

Alex Hall ... DM 3: a light seeker

Vincent X. Hall ... DM 4: a light seeker

Tony Hendon ... DM 5: a white left wing supremacist, turned right-wing supremacist

Old Nick ... DM 6: an Islamist terrorist

James Hogan ... DM 7: James, cancer patient


Written and Directed by Nick Peterson

Produced by Tom Norwood

Produced by James Hogan

Produced by Alex Altman

Produced by David Altman

Produced by Christine Peterson

Edited by Thomas Black

Animation Aloysha Black

Music by Virtual Alien and Old Nick



Virtual Alien and Old Nick


Mnemonics Music America / Rumblefish

DM: Dark Matter album cover

Track List. UPC 815651020419.

  1. Six
  2. The Way You Make Me Feel
  3. Well Red
  4. The Inside Story
  5. Est (Nietzsche's Gay Science)
  6. Do Not Disturb (I Pop 'til You Can't Pop) [Pop Remix]
  7. Rule Britannia 10: The Cold Song
  8. Searching for Speed
  9. The Light
  10. LoudMouth (Version 1)
  11. LoudMouth (Version 2)
  12. Yesterday's Shadow
  13. DM 1: This Is Dark Matter
  14. DM 3

All lyrics and music by Nick Peterson except 3 and 4 music by: Markus Ineichen, 7 music by Henry Purcell.

Links to the film on YouTube in 12 chapters.

Please watch it within YouTube for the relevant language subtitles

  1. Opening credits
  2. Exhibit 1 Prologue: this is Dark Matter
  3. Exhibit 2 Life. Life
  4. 3. Exhibit 3 Intelligence. Trees
  5. Exhibit 4 Survival. Octopus. Jellyfish
  6. Exhibit 5 Departure
  7. Exhibit 6 Transition
  8. Exhibit 7 Transmission (Love Making scene). Rated R/18
  9. Exhibit 8 The Negative Dimension
  10. Exhibit 9 The Mind. Intelligence
  11. Exhibit 10 Epilogue. We'll meet again! (The explosion scene)
  12. End Credits
  13. All the links on Virtual Alien YouTube
  14. All the links on Old Nick YouTube

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