Poster - virtual alien
1st verse:

Since the moment I entered into the big book of life, the day the story drew its mark upon me, like the bubbles in a glass of champagne on a halloween day, is that the one who could tell you the way looking into the mirror of life, from here to eternity? Hiding from the danger that's been sent from above, my mind felt so insecured, the last part of the puzzle has just appeared...


Where Heaven is no danger ceases, a silent moment in time; like a party in blue, knocking on Heaven's door, a lack in the game of the time a life lived by those involved in luxury...

2nd verse:

The one searched away must be strong like the rivers of the mountain high, playing a part in an American lover-romance and break the glass, divided our heart for the reasons we choose to live, diving the bad times, into the lake of love, feeling the unknown pleasures, knocking on Heaven's door and feeling so different, dying even for intelligence karma to guide us being a profane of the most sweetest and sacred treasure on earth, knocking on Heaven's door and waiting in vain for someone to answer...

1st chorus:

Knocking on Heaven's door and waiting for someone to come not even the scene of joy, a silent moment in time a slight sign of despair covering up the whole lie of a planet called earth, knocking on Heaven's door

2nd chorus:

Knocking on Heaven's door watching the snail Sleeping slowly over the grass the booming of a city Left by compromise heaven being corrupted by a secret merchant of love knocking on Heaven's door